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Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Curtain Mode #2

I never have been much of a curtain person. Put'um up, leave them forever until they need to be cleaned, clean them and put'um back up. I never changed curtains with the seasons. Well now, I have decided I want spring/summer curtains and fall/winter curtains. I just put these sweet black and tan check tab curtains up last September when I redid our bedroom. Now I'm going up with solid white twill tab curtains for spring/summer. If I were a bling type of person, I would add some crystal pendants to the tabs. But, I love the simplicity of the solid white.

Before with black and tan:
After with the solid white:

I have the same white curtains to put up in the living room and the dining area so I will be in the curtain mode for a few more days.


  1. Lovely room...So light and airy but how do you ever keep it so tidy... My hubby would have that table filled with coins and screws etc from his pockets so fast...( ha Ha)..You obviously have yours well trained ( Hee Hee)...Look beautiful ... Hugs