Saturday, April 23, 2011

Curtain Mode...

A couple of years ago, we put up 2" blinds. I loved my windows with no curtains so I stored the insulated curtains that had been over the windows. Last summer we had to have all of our wonderful pine trees cut down due to winter storm damage. We miss our shade and the temperatures have increased drastically on the front of our house. Now I'm putting the original insulated curtains back up from before, but with a new twist this time.

Several years ago Poppa put me up some very industrial looking (cheap) curtain rods in my little old house and also on our sunporch/my nest/my studio. I love these curtain rods made from 3/4" conduit pipe and L shaped brackets that Poppa bent to hold the rods in place. Now I am attaching 1" metal rings to the top of the curtains so they will slide much easier. The metal rings are ring binders from the office supply store, sewn in place with 6 ply shipping twine, the same twine that I use to attach arms and legs to my dolls. All 70 rings have been attached on 7 pair of curtains and we are enjoying our insulated curtains once again. Cooler is better on us and our electric bill.