Friday, April 22, 2011

Hard Cooked Eggs

I have had a steamer for years. We love steamed veggies, fish and chicken, but I had never steamed eggs until yesterday! No pot watching, no timing, no worry...just cook and enjoy having eggs ready for salads, breakfast and for coloring for Easter.

Place the eggs right out of the refrigerator in a steamer. My steamer has an indention for the eggs to sit in. No waiting for the eggs to warm to room temperature either. Steam them for 22 minutes.

Use pot holders and carefully remove the lid from the steamer. Steam is hot, hot and will burn. (See burn home remedy below) With tongs, place the steamed eggs in cool water for 10 minutes.

After 10 minutes, remove eggs from the water and crack the shell. Remove the shell and place the eggs in a *tightly covered container* in the refrigerator.

I have read that cooked eggs will keep in the refrigerator, peeled or unpeeled for up to 7 days. I personally would not leave them in there for that long, but again, they won't last in our fridge more than two or three days due to the *snacky monster*.

Burn Home Remedy:
Stick the burned area in flour; do not wet the area first, just emerge it in flour. Very soothing to burns especially if you keep your flour in the refrigerator. The pink stuff for upset stomach's is also good on sunburns. Smear it on the sunburn, don't drink it :)

Crush those egg shells and put them in your compost bin.