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Thursday, March 15, 2012

My Little Old House

I have a sweet little old house that Poppa built me several years ago from lumber that was salvaged from and old house and barn (circa 1900) that was on this property when we purchased it.  I love my little old house!  He used old windows, an old door and screen, a mantel and a couple of old cabinets and built me a sweet place to store my handmade dolls, fabric, supplies, stuff, junk and a few antiques.  It looks like a doll shop inside and is complete with an antique cash register from England.  I basically use this sweet building for storage but Pinterest has inspired me to reorganize, redo, and redecorate this space for my enjoyment as a more usable space for creating.


  1. Hi Edna!
    I love that little house that your poppa built you.
    I hope you will share before and after pictures with all of us.

    Hugs, Audrey

  2. Hi Audrey...good to see you! Yes'um, I will do before and after pics. Thanks for stopping by. :)

  3. So cute!!! Ya gotta show pics of the inside!!!

    1. It's a mess inside right now, Carol. I have been digging and sorting so that is another project for another day :) ~Edna~

  4. Oh Edna I would love a space like this to play with, please posts pictures when done, Love kat