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Thursday, April 12, 2012

How does your garden grown?

I read where you could grow plants from the stalks of produce items we get at the grocery.  On March 21, 2012, I took the picture of a turnip green stalk that I stuck in a cup of water and placed it on our kitchen windowsill just for curiousity.  By the next day, it had started to grow!  It is now the *bigger* plant in the second photo.  Three days ago I stuck a celery stalk bulb in water and as you can see, (smaller plant in picture #2) it is growing already.  Amazing!

I will be experimenting with other plants.....


  1. i am wondering if they have started to root? i am definatly going to try this :) Thank you for sharing~

  2. Yes, Jessica! The turnip greens have a lot of roots. The celery that I just started last week has a couple of roots already. It's fun to watch them grow. I want to see what happens with the romaine lettuce we bought this week.

  3. How interesting... Will they eventually produce stalks that can be harvested? I want to try this too. Love the idea even if it is just for fun.

  4. I could harvest the turnip greens now and probably will in a couple more weeks. If I had SEVERAL plants that were producing, I would be in turnip green heaven...stirfry with garlic and onions...yum! :)

  5. i've tried green onions and they work pretty well

    also you can plant the top of a will take about 2 years for that plant to have a harvestable fruit...but it does make a pretty house plant...and its pretty much for free since you'd be throwing away that part of the pineapple anyway :)

    1. I just put some links on my blog for all the stuff i've found so far (including yours :) )

  6. I am going to try the green onions. I'm allergic to pineapple so will pass on that one. Our celery is growing like crazy...amazing!