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Thursday, May 31, 2012

Pond Project - Part 1

There is a little dry creek that runs down by the side of our house. When we get heavy rains, this little creek will have white water run off coming from higher up the hill on adjoining property and running into the sweet pond that is in front of our house.

The pond and dam in front of our house was dug by the oil company probably in the early 1940's as a slush pit. Over the years after the oil well moved, it became a source of water for cattle and maybe even bathing/swimming in the early years for the family that owned the property before us.

We enjoy watching the rain drops on the pond. We enjoy the birds, cranes, ducks, hawks and wildlife that our pond attracts. But, along with this sweetness comes snakes, erosion, mowing, brush removal and lots of weed duty. Did I mention snakes??

As hubs and I get older we find it harder and harder to keep up. We have decided for safety and other reasons, that we want this pond filled in and the dry creek run off diverted to the creek just down below our pond. Dynamite to blow the dam like they did in the old western movies? No, our son owns equipment that can do the job. Thank you Lord and Sonny! 

Let the fun begin!  First, fences had to be moved to keep our son's cattle at bay.  Poppa and his trusty helper Buffy were doing some fencing.

Then some fun work on the traxcavator.

Holidays, three weekends of moving hay, work obligations and repair on the Big Molly tractor with backhoe; all of life's adventures keep things, we have run out of dirt for the moment. To be continued.....


  1. Wow Edna the pond sure looked nice but I can understand about responsibilities as we grow older.
    Good thing you had your sons help with that big job!
    Would love to see it after you're all done.

    Hugs, Audrey

    1. Hi Audrey...glad to see you!! Too many *bad guy* snakes in my flowerbeds and too hard to keep groomed. Our dog was bitten twice last year. Yes, thank the good Lord for our son :)

  2. That's exactly what I as thinking about ... SnakeS. Ugh! We live in the Mojave Desert and have luckily not had any experiences with them... But, living in VT for 4 years made up for it. Sounds like a wonderful idea and am looking forward to see the finished product... and yes you are right about keeping up with these 'Golden Years'... We have been retired for 6 years now. I am loving retirement but get a little flustered with our limitations.

    Hang in there, now I know why we had 4 children...
    Much Peace,

    1. We think it will be sweet when finished. We are past the *Golden Years*...I think we are in the *Rust* stage :) Thanks for visiting. Peaceful blessings,

  3. Edna you guys are amazing. Lot of work but its gonna be wonderful cant wait to see pics when ya'll are finished with this.

    1. Awww, thanks Carol! We think it will make things a lot easier. Thanks for visiting!