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Friday, March 28, 2014

Computer Workstation Redo

I have two computers in my studio/nest.  One I use to make my patterns, do graphics and my online work...

and one on the other side of the room that I use for making my online videos and home movies. I love doing home movies of all of our projects and renovations.
I painted both of the desks Country White and moved them both to one location. I like this arrangement much better and it is much more convenient.


  1. Clever woman! It looks fantastic! Cleaner lines, space saving and convenience all in one and the skeletal threat hanging over you if you don't keep doing it! LOL! That will make you feel more like doing something! Love that small table with the printer on it too. Very effective!

  2. Thank you my dearest NZ friend! Wish the rest of my studio/nest was this organized, but I'm working on it....and then on to the rest of the house. I have been working on my studio/nest since January. It's slow going, but now that Bubby (Toby) has passed away, I'm getting more rest at night and better organized during the day. It will take a while to adjust. xoxoxo ~E~