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Thursday, May 15, 2014

Crochet and Life

As I sit here in the stillness of the morning, doing my needlework, I think how our lives are like a beautiful piece of crochet.  Number one, there has to be instructions.  We find that in the crochet pattern or instructions in the Bible for us.  Crochet needs a firm foundation to build on.  We need a firm foundation to build on, our Heavenly Father.  If we are not paying attention, we can make a mistake in our stitches that messes up the whole pattern. Same thing in real life.  When we make a mistake in crochet, we have to go back and correct it to the best of our ability. Yarn is very forgiving.  Same thing in real life.  Correct that mistake if possible.  God is very forgiving and all we have to do is ask. Each intricate stitch in crochet weaves together to make the finished piece.  So do the days of our life...

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