Sunday, November 30, 2014

Grateful for Sinks and Socks and Such...

Our kitchen drain and our washing machine drain are connected.  The water had been draining slower and slower until it came to a screeching halt about two weeks ago.  So, we have been basically *camping out* in our own home for two weeks until us *do it yourselfers* got the problem solved.  It took two and a half days of digging and repairs, but I am a happy camper again.  Have you hugged your kitchen sink and washing machine lately?

While I had all of the *stuff* out from under our kitchen sink, I decided to paint inside the cabinet and put down vinyl tile on the bottom of the cabinet.  Another project marked off my to do list!



I also added a French Market Bag to my utility room to hold onions and potatoes

I am happy to report that I am half finished with the mate to the other gray sock from last week's post. Half finished in only one week!  I hope the other half goes as fast and won't take two years to finish.

Count your blessings, be grateful and have fun!

Until next time...