Thursday, February 25, 2016

February Happenings...

February has been a whirlwind of activities here at the farm.  A visit from Sis and Nieces is always delightful; lots of love, laughing and conversation.  Family and friends coming and going and news of a wedding in mid summer add to the mix along with new adventures on the horizon for me.  I have found renewed energy due to some negative things that have removed themselves from my life. It's amazing how time takes care of some problems if you just leave them alone.

Since I decided to part with my kilns and supplies the end of last year, I am finally ready to tackle my mold storage building that was destroyed by a couple of large tree limbs falling on the roof a few years ago. I have not had the heart to deal with the damaged and broken ceramic and porcelain doll molds, but now it's time.  So, I put on my boots and my hard hat, cut away the tarps and went inside to survey the damage.  About two thirds can be salvaged and my friend that got my kilns will have lots of molds to play with. Getting them moved to a new location is next on the agenda. This is an old picture when the first limb fell.  The second one destroyed the roof and blew all the sides out.

We basically have not had any winter this year with only a few nights that reached below freezing. Trees and flowering bulbs are already coming to life.  We had sleet and snow last March so we will see what March has to offer this year. Hopefully sun shinny days so I can get this project finished.