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Friday, November 27, 2009

The End of an Old Tradition...

With our recent home remodel and adding a larger dining table so that we all could sit at the table at the same time, I had great visions of a warm, fuzzy Thanksgiving dinner filled with love, joy and comradery; fuzzy not meaning bacteria is growing on the food but referring to good feelings.

Our dinner took several hours to prepare and as the family members arrived and we sat down to eat, my warm fuzzies quickly turned to realities of obnoxious bickering, strained conversation and picky eaters that ate like birds! When I joked about preparing TV dinners next year since we aren't eating much these days, one member said that cooking is way too much work and it is much easier to eat out.

As the day ended, I looked around at our grown children/grandchildren and sadly realized, we have each gone in our own directions and the only thing we really have in common any more is the binding thread of love and our last name. So, bring back in the small table, out with old traditions and in with new ones. With no guilt, next holiday, instead of making turkey, I'll let them make reservations...

It's a good thing!

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  1. Love it. As usual your writings have that touch of humor which brings on a big smile but more often a loud chuckle, realization of truth in many of our lives, and pleasure into our day. Thank you for your unique talents of many. Frances