Friday, June 24, 2011

A Work of Art...

Recent health issues made us rethink getting rid of our old fiberglas tub and installing an easy access custom made cultured marble shower. This cultured marble is made from Texas limestone and is a work of art from the hands of the folks at THE MARBLE SHOP in Sulphur Springs, Texas. Owner Larry Layton and his crew did a beautiful job and created a masterpiece of simplistic elegance.

Here are before and after pictures of the project.  Our new shower is much more spacious and we love it!

This is our old fiberglas one piece tub, circa 1980's

Removing the tub and leaving studs and plumbing exposed

All marked up and ready for the plumber to move the drain.

Inspection time by Sassy, who by the way kept picking up every thing that was not nailed down.  She is a good housekeeper!

 The drain was moved to the center of the shower and the new plumbing was installed.

 Next, the moisture barrier sheet rock went up along with some cultured marble backing around where the shower floor goes.  I love this non slip shower floor that's waiting for a drain cover

 And finally after much hand fitting, we have a beautiful shower masterpiece!

This shower is so much bigger than our bathtub and it will be much easier to give the dogs a bath.  No more bending over a tub and having to pick up our thirty pound Toby to put him in the tub.  Sassy likes to swin in the pond but won't get in the shower for a bath...yet...but we see little dirty foot prints in there when we are finished so we know she is curious.  It's just a matter of time. A new diverter is coming for our new hand held shower that will finish this project.