Thursday, August 30, 2012

Sassy Alice

Our Sassy Alice has been with us two years yesterday.  She has grown into a big girl, 85-90 pounds.  She was only three months old when we adopted her from TAILS in Grand Saline.  She was our *Chewing Monster from Hell* until about four months ago.  She chewed up my comfy recliner, throw pillows, our towels, got things off of the cabinet in the kitchen and bathroom, pulled up my rose bushes and small trees by the roots.  Nothing was safe from her constantly roving eyes.  She has turned into a marvelous watch dog.  Any thing that moves catches her attention which is good when you live in the country.  From humans, to snakes, to scorpions, she is constantly on guard protecting us.  She is a delighteful addition to our family.

We love you Sassy Alice!