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Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Slow going

I love my Fire Storm drill and my trusty old hammer.  I couldn't put down quarter round without them.

We have an old desk that has been in our storage building for 30 years.  I had Poppa bring it in last year and I'm just now getting around to painting it.  Here it is before I started painting on it last week...

and here it is after a coat of WalMart's Latex Semi Gloss Country White paint.

It's amazing the difference a coat of paint makes.

This file cabinet was in my closet and hard to get to in order to file any thing.

Here it is after a coat of Country White paint.  Now I am going
to put it next to my desk so it is easier to get to.

And here is my constant helper...Miss Dinky Sugar


  1. Miss Dinky Sugar has the right idea! :))))

    Edna, I love what you are doing! Your desk and cabinet turned out GORGEOUS! Did you have to sand or prime before using the paint?

  2. Hi Brenda. Thanks for visiting! Miss Dinky Sugar can sleep through any thing :) Poppa had put some sort of expensive anti rust paint that is made out of sweet potatoes on the old desk so it did not need to be sanded but I did sand the file cabinet and then three coats of paint on both. The walls in my studio/nest are also Country White.