Friday, August 30, 2013

From Pinterest to Reality...

The minute I saw the above picture on Pinterest ( Credit: ) I immediately knew I wanted a daybed in my studio/nest.  I asked Poppa if he would be interested in building me a daybed.  I got an eyeroll and a no he would not even be interested in building me a night bed :)  Just what I expected, but I thought I would ask any way.
A few days later, John, our FedEx guy was at our gate.  Poppa went out to get the package and John said, "It looks like you are getting a daybed."  Poppa said, "Funny thing you should mention that!"
I bought this sweet daybed online from WalMart and I put it together myself.  It is good quality wood, well made, well painted, simple design and easy to put together.  With a twin mattress, feather bed and comfy pillows, it is exactly what I wanted for those lazy days and beauty snoozies.  Miss Beebs agrees wholeheartedly.  I put another mattress under the daybed so our other furbabies will have a place to snoozie, too.  Did I ever mention that I LOVE PINTEREST!