Friday, August 16, 2013

It took me long enough!

We have lived in our home for eighteen years.  Any thing that did not have a home ended up in my closet.  I have not seen the floor in my closet since I redid the flooring throughout our house about three years ago.  I have been working on my closet for the past 2-3 weeks; sorting, trying on clothes, finding treasures, organizing, first round purge.  It's nice to finally be able to walk in my small closet and pick out something to wear instead of having to wear what was hanging right next to the door that I could easily reach.

I have a full length mirror on my door and a couple of hooks.

All of my clothes were already on plastic hangers.
I hate wire hangers!
Some of my hats are on a hat rack that I had Poppa build for me
several years ago; just a tall wooden dowel on a base
and with another base at the top for the hats to rest on.
I purchased canvas bins from Walmart to
organize my shoes and one that holds my
mini post office with shipping supplies and a
postal scale.

Poppa added a shelf over the center rods that seperate
my side of the closet from his.  More canvas bins
for storage.

I made clothes dividers out of cardboard and cd sticky labels
and labeled them with a permanent marker.  Now I know
where to hang my things when I finish the laundry.

A few plastic shoe boxes that hold more than just shoes.

This 3-Drawer Cart from Walmart fits nicely on the top shelf
and stores purses and cloth hats/sun bonnets and I even have
one drawer that is empty!

More canvas bins hold extra towels for the dogs/cats and
more pet supplies.

Can't wait to start on my next project!  I wonder what it will be!!
Maybe Poppa's side of the closet?  He has already told me to
leave his side of the closet alone.  However, he is not *always*
in the house because of never ending outside yardwork and chores.
Poor Poppa...gradual changes and he will never know...  :)