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Monday, March 10, 2014

1940 Ironing Board and Stained Glass

My Mother purchased this wooden ironing board in 1940 for $3.19.  She paid it out Twenty-five Cents a week until it was paid for.  I am going to put it to good use...

After with a rustic coat of Country White Semi
Gloss Latex on the top only

After After to be used as an end table
beside my daybed

After After
The vintage galvanized food carrier sitting in the floor
contains my beading and ribbon embroidery supplies

Poppa made this beautiful Stained Glass Bird
in a class in the late 1970's.  I do wish I could
get him interested in doing stained glass work again :)

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  1. A fantastic way to exhibit your treasures Edna! Nice to have the historical story to go with it too|! Love the stained glass window as well. Would be great to have a window frame for it somewhere - the bathroom perhaps? Front door? It's lovely! Your dolls look great there too and that lamp.....!