Monday, March 31, 2014

Freezer Breakfast Fixin's

When I get in a cooking mood/mode, I have been cooking things for breakfast and utilizing our freezer.  I cook a pound of bacon at a time, freeze the individual slices and then store them in a freezer bag.  I do the same thing with sausage.  Then all you have to do is heat what you need in a skillet, griddle or microwave.  I also do pancakes and waffles, freeze them and store in freezer bags.  This past weekend, I cooked Oats and froze them in my jumbo muffin pan.  Take the pan out of the freezer, put it in a larger pan of hot water and you are able to get the individual servings out of the muffin pan and store them in a freezer bag.  Breakfast is easy peasy at our house.

Six cups of water, boiling
Add Three cups of Old Fashioned Whole Grain Oats
Cook until water is absorbed.
Remove from heat
Add lid and let set for five minutes
Divide into Jumbo Muffin Pan
Let cool
Place in freezer until frozen
Remove servings and store in freezer bag
Heat individual servings in microwave when ready to use.