Sunday, May 4, 2014

When was the last time?...

You went camping in your own yard?

We were working in the yard yesterday when the notion hit me to open up our canopy that I had found in the storage building recently.  This sweet canopy was a free bonus promotion from our local grocery store many years ago. It had never been out of the box...shame on us!  In my quest to simplify, things are either going to be used or they are going to be passed forward.

Long story short, we worked in the yard a while, rested a while, ate our lunch outside, worked a while, rested a while, more rested a while and ate our supper outside; did I mention rested a while?  We watched the birds and wild animals and enjoyed nature.  We felt like we were camping out on vacation.  What a fantastic day!  Take time to smell the roses.