Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Winding down...

Summer is winding down and not soon enough for me I might add.  It was 112 degrees yesterday and we have not had any rain in weeks.  Getting rid of all of my kilns and supplies in my Workshop has allowed me to move my work table out of my Studio/Nest to my Workshop.  Since the weather is so hot, I decided to devote this time to re-arranging my studio/nest where I spend most of my time.  Getting rid of a few things and moving the furniture around has given me the feeling of much more space.  It has taken me since January of this year but I have cleaned and semi-decluttered every nook and cranny in this 12 x 20 room, plus my craft closet.

This room was originally a carport.  The lady that had this house built added a double carport and enclosed this room with ten windows and a sliding glass patio door.  The one brick wall was red antique brick and all of the wood siding was country blue.  The floor was a brown printed indoor outdoor carpet.  There were shelves over all of the windows and sliding door for books.

Over the past twenty one years since moving here to the farm, we have made many changes to our house and this room.  It now has central heat and air vents, insulated windows and insulated curtains.  The floor has been replace with wonderful easy to clean vinyl tiles.  The country blue shades have been replaced with 2" white shades.  We added a sliding vinyl door cover and every thing has been painted country white. Poppa built a book shelf and we changed out the old ceiling fan with a white one with more lighting.

This is my cozy comfy nest and my haven from the outside world.

As the weather cools I will be cleaning out my workshop if the Good Lord is willing...