Monday, May 2, 2016


My studio/nest was originally the sunporch when we moved here to the farm.  It has ten windows and a sliding glass patio door.  This room is ever-changing!  We had an antique bed in our bedroom that I loved.  It is very tall and had become very difficult for Poppa to get in and out of over the years. So, for Christmas last year, we purchased a bed frame that does not require a box springs, making the bed much lower.  Had we known at the time, we could have just removed the box springs from our antique bed, added a sturdy system of bed slats and we would have had the same thing without purchasing a new bed frame.  We live and learn if we are lucky.  I'm loving our new white metal bed, but I did not want to part with my antique bed.

Something had to go.  My studio/nest was wall to wall furniture. I also loved the daybed that I had in my studio/nest.  After giving it much thought, we decided to get rid of the sleeper sofa in our living room.  It was uncomfortable sleeping plus we kept it covered all of the time because our big ninety pound black Lab, Sassy Alice, loved to rub against the plush fabric upholstery.  We gave away the sofa, moved the daybed to the living room to use as a sofa and set up the antique bed in my studio/nest, solving several problems.

I get to keep my antique bed.  Now we have extra comfortable sleeping space when company comes.  I have a cozy place to pile up in the middle of the bed for beauty snoozies, watching it rain, sketching new designs, watching television, folding laundry and a nice large flat surface for cutting out my dolls and things out of fabric.  I am happy with this arrangement...for now.

 And I'm not the only one that enjoys this bed.  Dinky Sugar does too!

Free Motion Machine Embroidery Doodling...
A few weeks ago when I decided I wanted to try my hand at some free motion machine embroidery, I knew I was going to need a lot of black sewing thread.  I sat down to make out my supply list when I remembered I had several large cones of black and other colors of thread that I used for my serger.  I did not have one of those large cone holders that you can purchase for use with regular sewing machines, so I turned my serger around and sat it right up next to the back of my sewing machine.  Raising the thread guide, I then threaded my sewing machine as usual.  This worked out perfect!  I saved money; I'm using up supplies and I plan on putting all of this thread to good use.

Do something creative this week.  It's healing and good for your soul.

Until next time...