Sunday, May 29, 2016

May is almost gone...time marches on...

(Photo Source: Pinterest)

You have no idea what things you take for granted that your spouse does until they are no longer able to do...and then all that responsibility becomes yours.

May has been another busy month here at the farm.  We have called in reinforcements and got a lot of things done that Poppa and I can not do alone.  The *junk man* came and hauled off YEARS of old stuff along with what was left of the 10' x 10' metal building that use to house my porcelain doll and ceramic molds.  The molds that did not get broken when the limbs fell on my mold building are on their way to a new home.  Perhaps I will plant a shade garden where the building use to be. I understand the fairytale cottage garden Foxgloves do well in the shade.

The lawnmower that had given us trouble for years is GONE and replaced with a new zero turn riding mower.  This beauty is more fun than riding a four wheeler, plus I'm cutting the grass as I go!  Tree removal professionals are coming as soon as the rains let up.  They have a backlog of work due to the weather but we are number five on the list.

There is always work to be done outside during the growing season so I will be playing outside until the hot Texas sun drives me inside where it's cool. Creating is on hold for now.  Take time to live each day to the fullest and be sure to smell the roses along the way, especially the wild ones.

Enjoy the peace of the upcoming Memorial Day holiday. Remember and honor those that gave their lives so that we can enjoy freedom.

Until next time...