Friday, July 1, 2016

And here it is July already...

Poppa hurt his knee several weeks ago and has very limited mobility for a while.  I hate it for him that he has been in pain and is unable to be as productive as he has always been.  He has always been the gentleman, the provider and spoiled me way beyond rotten.  Thanks to his tutelage, I have become quite proficient at working on lawn mowers, machinery maintenance, doing yard work and taking care of things that have always been his responsibility.  I have grown during this time.  We recently purchased a new zero turn riding lawnmower.  I love this piece of machinery!  It's more fun than operating a sewing machine.  We have also purchased a 20 volt battery operated weedeater, blower and pole saw.  I had no idea these things had so much power.  These tools are light weight and this soon to be seventy five years young woman does not have any problem using them.  I'm loving my power tools and learning that I can do much more than I thought I could.

This has been quite an adjustment for us.  Life has a way of throwing us some curves sometimes.  Poppa is on the mend and I will gladly relinquish some things back to him but some things I need to continue to do for my own well being.  Learning new things is good for the soul.