Tuesday, August 16, 2016


Today is our 32nd wedding anniversary.  We got married at home, by the Justice of the Peace.  I wore khaki Bermuda shorts, a red and gold striped knit top, and leather Mexican huaraches. Actually I had planned to get married barefoot but looked down just as Judge Ruff started to speak and saw I was wearing my favorite shoes!
I am wearing my same wedding clothes today that I wore on that sweet day, and I even went outside this morning and dug a hole in our flowerbed for my new rose bush, wearing my wedding clothes.  Not many women would consider gardening in their wedding dress.
The marriage license cost was $7.50 and the tip to the Judge was $20.00.  The Judge also took our wedding picture and served the champagne just before we cut the small two tier wedding cake from the grocery store bakery.  Our simple wedding at home means just as much to us as if we had spent the price of a new house on a wedding ceremony, all for show. We left the next day on our honeymoon, pulling a small pop up travel trailer, headed for the Colorado mountains and new adventures.

If our neighbor comes over today to put a new fuel pump on Poppa's car, we may have him preside over the renewing of our vows but that really is not necessary.  The original vows took very well.  We both agree we would do it again in a heartbeat.  After all these years, it doesn't get any better than that.