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Monday, January 27, 2014

One Mess At A Time #1


  1. The White looks great! Love your blog. I sure wouldn't take the time for homemade buns! But then being diabetic I don't eat much bread products!

  2. Love this! I just bought a cabinet almost identical to this. I'm going to redo mine too, but I'm trying to find out what it would have originally would have looked like. Do you know what brand your cabinet is or any info on its history? Thanks!

    1. Hi Stephanie; I bought this cabinet about twenty eight years ago from an antique's dealer and I don't know any thing about it's history. It does not have the flour bin that most Hoosier cabinets contain. The roll top does not work and it was missing it's original handles. It does however still have it's original metal enamel top. These cabinets were part of the kitchen. I can only imagine that many a pie crust and sweet pastries were made on that top by a loving mother to feed her family. Wish I could be more help. Enjoy your wonderful find! ~E~