Saturday, May 27, 2017

Crepe Myrtle Project is finished!

In our ongoing mission to simplify, we added edging and mulch to the area around our Crepe Myrtles that was difficult to mow around and time consuming to weed wack.  We are loving the results.

Here are the before's:

I started out by putting pavers and pea gravel in our water faucet area.

Here is what it looked like before I started.

Then I started putting down edging.

Next came the mulch and top soil, two or three bags at a time that I hauled on our trusty workhorse lawnmower that comes in handy for so many things.

Poppa was able to help with the mulch spreading.

Here are the after's:
I transplanted some Elephant Ears to the bed by the electrical pole.  They are in semi shock but I think will survive nicely in their new location, along with Zinnia's seeds that have yet to come up.

We are pleased with this labor of love and delighted to mark this off of our list. Now, on to the East Side Project after a restful weekend holiday!

Wishing you a blessed and peaceful Memorial Day weekend.  Remember those who gave their lives that we may enjoy our freedom.

Dig in the dirt.  It's healing and good for the soul.