Sunday, May 21, 2017


It has been my mission for a long time to simplify.  It is an ongoing mission that I am learning to apply to daily life.  The static of daily living can be very stressful if we don't learn to shut out the noise and enjoy the simple things of life, like gently falling rain, a beautiful sunset, new blossoms on a plant.

This year I am enjoying our raised garden.  Doing research and using techniques that my Mother used has been interesting.  After she retired she always had a beautiful, healthy, productive vegetable garden and she gardened by the moon signs in the Old Farmer's Almanac. I regret not taking the time to learn these techniques directly from her while she was alive or writing down her recipes for some of the wonderful things she cooked like her homemade fried apricot pies.  Like most young folks, I was not interested in those things at the time.  Now I cherish her memory and many of the things she taught me.

Yesterday was a fertile planting day.  Instead of planting, I took some cuttings from one of our Rosemary plants.  Hopefully the cuttings will take root and we will have more lovely smelling herbs that will be used for more then just cooking.  They make wonderful smelling mosquito repellent. I love the simplicity of them resting in a canning jar and reflecting the light from outside. 

We have been busy working on a hedge project that should be finished shortly.  I will share before and after pictures with you soon.

Slow down.  Be kind to yourself.  Comfort yourself.  Take time to dig in the dirt.  It's all healing and good for your soul.